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Kevin Baldwin, Sr. Property Manager, Broker Owner

(910) 978-4041
Show Me Real Estate, Llc
1437 Artesian Ct Suite A
Fayetteville, NC 28304

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Kevin L. Baldwin, Sr.

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Information for Metropolitan Area of 28301

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Information for FAYETTEVILLE, NC
Click for DefinitionPopulation 54027.0
Click for DefinitionPop 0 - 9 years (%) 17.76
Click for DefinitionPop 10 - 17 years (%) 8.96
Click for DefinitionPop 18 - 29 years (%) 39.9
Click for DefinitionPop 30 - 39 years (%) 15.99
Click for DefinitionPop 40 - 49 years (%) 7.86
Click for DefinitionPop 50 - 64 years (%) 5.68
Click for DefinitionPop 65 years and over (%) 3.84


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